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Still having energy for a social life in The Netherlands at the end of the day. At Expats Personal Training Rijswijk we offer an achievable and exclusive suitable plan where training, nutrition and lifestyle come together for maximum results. Efficient, effective and always personal.

Overtime in business performance, but besides that…

As an expat in The Netherlands you spend overtime on business performance. Travel, network and great performances are a daily routine. You know how important being fit and vital is. To be and stay successful by standing in your strength, physically and mentally. You notice that things are not as easy as they used to be. Are you done with the following?

Spending hours at a gym for minimal results doesn’t fit in your life. The business world is already a top sport, so where do you still get the time, energy and motivation to not only take care of yourself, but also save energy for your busy social life?

More results in less time in a way that fits you and your life

How nice would it be when you have more time for yourself, your family, sport (vitality) and your social life during a busy work week? How nice would it be when you:

robert havelaar personal trainer

‘My company being mentioned by clients as ‘If you want to get results, you have to go there!’, has always been my biggest dream.’

– Robert havelaar, owner and personal trainer at Expats Personal Training Rijswijk

What if you still postpone it for a while?

A regular gym is not your place to be. And an appointment with yourself always moves further and further on your agenda. You are busy and don’t have the motivation to get the results you want. Spoiler alert: you will always be busy. By postponing your vital lifestyle again, you end up in the vicious circle of long, stressful and exhausting days, too little energy for your social life and a body that doesn’t feel as strong as before. A lack of happiness.

Are you ready for Expats Personal Training?

More results in less time, a personal motivator and a communicatie that fits the way you’re living your life. As a qualitative and small-scale personal gym for expats we work together to make your results happen. Meet our experienced and highly educated personal trainers who speak English fluently.

Theodora review personal training Rijswijk

Teodora Ioanovici

“When I first moved to The Netherlands I was feeling tired, sick and my back was hurting, I wanted to do something about it but there was always the excuse of not having time. When I heard about Healthcoachplus I knew that this could be the solution for me and it really is. Having appointments with a coach makes me go there. It’s not just that I lost a lot of fat and gained some muscle, it’s more than that, I feel better with myself, more confident to go to a gym and I don’t get sick anymore. I was a couch potato all my life and I discovered that weight training is great for me, that I like it much more than cardio, and the effects on shaping my body are also great. Robert is a very direct guy so don’t get scared, he just wants the best for you, he is very friendly if you’re a serious hardworking person. I recommend them for any level if you want to improve your health and your self-esteem.”