Personal, small-scale and all in for your goals.

‘It has always been my biggest dream to start a company where people really reach their goals. Every year so many people sign up at regular gyms, drop out quickly and never get the results they wanted.’

Someone who understands your busy life

If you stick to feasible methods, you get better results than ever before. And for that you don’t need to go to the gym 5 days a week. That has always been our vision, but we also know that that takes more than a membership at a regular gym. As a hardworking expat in The Netherlands you know that you need a personal trainer and guidance as an extra motivator, but also someone who understands your busy life. That’s us and that’s the success factor of Expats Personal Training for years now.

And did you know that we are located opposite the European Patent Office in Rijswijk?

A diverse range and only one goal

That goal? Get maximum results in an effective and efficient way and still have enough time left for other things like your family, hobbies and social life. Our biggest strength is our team of professionals, loads of experience and a diverse range of services. This way we’re able to establish a suitable and feasible plan.

What clients say

For you to feel welcome and at home is one of the most important things at our gym. Temporarily or permanently in the Netherlands, starter or experienced in training, entrepreneur or employee? Wherever you’re from and whatever is your story, you’re more than welcome. The happiness and results of our clients is always a top priority.

The 5 strengths of Expats Personal Training


We work in close cooperation with RWIJK GYM. Expats personal training takes place in the gym of RWIJK GYM.

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And you? What’s your story?

We’re very curious about your story and how you experience life as an expat in The Netherlands. Are you ready to reach your goals in a way that fits you as a person and your busy life? Leave us your personal information and we will contact you by phone within 24 hours. Are we a match and do we still have any places free? Then we would like to invite you for an acquaintance and try out training.