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With Expats Personal Training I got more energetic in my daily life

I once started with personal training at Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk. I didn’t play sports, but I did feel the need to clear my head besides a busy teaching job. Furthermore, I was often (mentally) tired, not fit, and had frequent colds.

What particularly helped me during the personal training sessions was learning good basic posture and how I could build up my body step by step to strain it and therefore make myself fitter and stronger. In addition to my personal training, my trainer also gave me a lot of personal coaching on what I could change in my daily lifestyle (daily routine and nutrition habits) in addition to my training.

My motivation waned

Over time I stopped doing personal training and trained in a gym myself for a while. However, my motivation waned. I dreaded it, and did the now well-known exercises, but missed the personal coaching and motivation during my training.

I then contacted my former personal trainer Robert Havelaar again and, on his advice, I started following the personal group training sessions at Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk. For me, these training sessions are a great addition to running. My love for running was sparked by personal training and I have continued to do this all these years.

By following the personal group training, I have regained the pleasure of exercising 

The group training sessions that I currently follow twice a week are: WOM (stands for; Workout Of the Month) and Muscle Mania. I really like the variation of these two different workouts.

But I have also regained the pleasure of exercising itself. The groups are small-scale, and the atmosphere is pleasant and mutually coached. Everyone trains at their level and at the same time there is always sufficient personal instructions from the personal trainer who provides the group training. This is so that the exercises are performed properly and effectively, and also so that you will increasingly challenge yourself physically.

In addition to sports, you can always contact the personal trainers at Expats Personal Training with additional questions 

For additional questions regarding physical complaints (for example in the case of an injury), goals such as losing weight and wanting to look better physically, etc., you can also contact the personal trainers at Expats Personal Training. Attention is paid to what is still possible and which adjustments can be made to the program so that you can continue to exercise responsibly and achieve the set goals.

It did me a lot of good mentally and physically. I have literally and figuratively become stronger, hardly ever catch a cold anymore, and my head can now be ‘turned off’ now and then.

Exercising in groups has also provided me with some great social contacts 

Finally, I think it is an added value to train together with the other Expats Personal Training members. Which results in hard training, but also a lot of laughter (relaxation) during these group training sessions. It has also resulted in several great social contacts. This is motivating during training, but outside of that it also brings the fun of having a bite to eat together.

In short: my two sports moments a week at Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk are a permanent part of my week and ensure that I am more energetic in my daily life.

– Liekie Nipius

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