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Exercising together is more fun and gives you more results!

Are you an expat and do you live in Rijswijk or the surrounding areas? Do you want to work on your muscles & fitness level? Then we can recommend the WOM highly to you!

WOM stands for “workout of the month”: a monthly changing fun fitness workout with the focus on improving your overall fitness and health. The workout uses various small training equipment, such as sandbags, kettlebells, battle ropes, dumbbells, large car tires, and much more. The exercises in the WOM are based on movements from everyday life. Your daily activities are much easier with a fit body: playing with your (grand)children, your work, or team sports. This outdoor workout won’t make you 25 years younger, but it will make you a lot more energetic and fitter in no time!

More results through better exercise and more efficient training!

We at Expats Personal Training know that if you want to get the maximum result from your training, it is not primarily about how hard, fast, or often you can do something, but about how well you can move and perform the exercise! Our personal trainers therefore pay a lot of attention to teaching you the desired training techniques. We focus on improving the quality of exercise. We do this with all our group training.Our group training can therefore also be followed by people who have returned from an injury or have one. In our group workouts, we teach you as a participant all the ins and outs of all the movement patterns (exercises) available. Breathing, posture, technique and trunk stiffness (core) are the spearheads in our training. It is not without reason that the motto is: “Exercise is good, good exercise is better! ”

Exercising together | Expats personal training

Do you like challenging training and want to achieve a lot in less time?
Then you really should try out our Workout of the Month!

The outdoor workout of the month is a fun, varied functional training formula. In the workout we focus on muscle endurance, maximum strength, power, and speed. For this reason, this group training is also perfect to support another sport, or for injury prevention or performance improvement. After all, you are only as good as your weakest link and we identify and improve that link with this training formula. Anyone healthy can participate in our group training, because you always perform the exercises at your own level.Because our group training consists of all different exercises, we can vary considerably. This makes the training sessions look different and is rarely experienced as boring! With this way of training, you also continue to challenge your body, which is good for your muscle development and endurance, but it also ensures that you will continue to enjoy exercising.

Tired of those sweat sessions in the fluorescent light?

Then try out our outdoor personal group training! Register below for your free intake with trial training worth € 95,- at Expats Personal Training!

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* Our gym is located opposite the EPO (European Patent Office) – The Hague. And parking is free!

Your goals. That's our mission.

Whether you’re done with your paunch or extra kilos, look forward to a better shaped body or can’t wait for more daily energy: Expats Personal Training is known for achieving those set goals. Your goals. That’s our mission.