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Do you recognize these challenges as an expat in The Nether-lands?

Integration as an expat in The Netherlands takes more than you expected. Besides all the practical things you discovered: moving to The Netherlands brings more challenges. Do you recognize the following?

Days fly by, you don’t feel completely in your strength, are more busy than ever and that brings stress and exhaustion. And what about the paunch or extra kilos, physical complaints or the continuous lack of energy? You’re ready for a change, but don’t know how and when. That’s not strange at all and with about 200.000 expats in The Netherlands you’re not the only one. At least not at Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk.

Like-minded people, a healthy lifestyle and feeling fitter than ever

How nice would it be if you — as an expat in The Netherlands — get everything out of your work ánd private life? If you still have time and energy left for your social life and family, build contact with like-minded people, share experiences, have a healthy and regular eating pattern, exercise more, control your stress better and feel stronger than ever?

You deliver top performances ánd reach your personal goals in a way that fits your busy life.

Expat in Nederland

“A feasible plan with a Personal Trainer who understands what your life looks like ánd being surrounded by like-minded people. This way you overcome more challenges than you expect in advance as an expat in The Netherlands.”

– Robert havelaar, owner and personal trainer at Expats Personal Training Rijswijk

A personal motivator for you as expat in The Netherlands

We don’t provide integration courses, aren’t a language school and don’t force you to sit in a circle with other expats. We are Expats Personal Training and your personal motivator for achieving your physical and mental goals and building a healthy, successful ánd happy life in The Netherlands. What to expect?

Work 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 towards your new lifestyle. Our trainers are certified, experienced, speak English fluently ánd understand what your life looks like. This way we always have a trainer for you.

Are you dealing with body and/or health issues? Our personal trainers are certified for this and have the right and up to date knowledge to guide you.

Is a healthy ánd nice eating pattern one of your challenges? We provide nutrition advice with lifestyle and exercise advice. With our help you can achieve your desired weight and still enjoy good food and drinks.

As expat in The Netherlands overtime and deadlines are no strangers. How do you deal with that? We also guide people with stress and burnout complaints.

Would you like more social contacts? Choose our personal group training, where you train just as effectively as 1-on-1 and meet our other expat clients at the same time.

Sounds effective and efficient training interesting for your company? It is! Get to know corporate fitness and other possibilities and boost your team. Are you ready for more productivity and success?

Work on your goals in a close-knit community?

It’s possible from only €76,50 a week. Are you ready? Apply via the button below and we will contact you by phone within 24 hours. Are we a match and do we still have any places free? Then we would like to invite you for an acquaintance and try out training.



It started as a typical New Year’s resolution – I wanted to lose weight. After giving it a bit more thought I concluded that I need a lifestyle change so I can achieve sustainable results. I decided to contact Expats Personal Training because of their positive reviews (and convenient location 🙂 ). Indeed, Robert turned out to be very customer-oriented and agreed to train with me during “unsocial hours” (7:00-8:00).

I signed up for personal trainings and the nutrition advice, and did not need to wait long for results – I saw my weight dropping steadily. I became stronger and fitter, started enjoying physical activity and gained satisfaction from improving my results. I learned how to eat healthier and still enjoy my favourite food. Along the way I got a lot of advice and encouragement from my trainer.

7 months after starting my trainings I am almost 20kg lighter and 3 sizes smaller. My cholesterol level dropped 10%. I am much healthier and more active in daily life, and I am still making progress.

Do I have any complaints? Yes, just one: my old clothes do not fit anymore!

More than a personal trainer

By combining nutrition, training and lifestyle with socialization, we provide much more than personal training for you as an expat in The Netherlands. One of our most important goals is for you to feel welcome and at home. And that goes for everyone.

 You find our personal gym in the middle of the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk, opposite the European Patent Office. So, do you live or work nearby, is it en route or do you realize it’s worth the ride? We are part of your route in The Netherlands.