Het geluk en de resultaten van onze klanten zijn onze grootste prioriteit. Kijk jij ernaar uit om onderdeel te zijn van een community van gelijkgestemden expats in Nederland? Wij kunnen je vertellen dat we effectief en efficiënt aan de slag gaan met jouw doelen, maar zij kunnen dat ook. Lees wat onze klanten zeggen over onze personal trainers, aanpak en resultaten. 


Ana Carolina

I moved to the Netherlands in 2015. I am Brazilian and, for two years, I used to live in Dublin. Before 2015 I had the idea that a good workout session was a long one which resulted in me having two hernias. Besides, I used to take a long time tablets to lose weight and nothing worked. Since having started with Expats Personal Training in January 2018, I’ve lost 13 kg, but better than losing weight is

the fact that I’m having another and better lifestyle. I learned that we must not do a diet or cut out everything we like because is something that we can’t keep up for the long term. I found out that I can eat everything I want, but it is all about portions and smart choices. I’m still enjoying my outgoing life as an ex-pat, drinking, eating, but in a correct way. I also realized that I don’t need to spend hours at the gym. I learned from my trainer how I can train hard and smartly. With Expats Personal Training I also learned how to get the results that I wanted and train safely at the same time. So, nowadays I don’t have only a training program and nutrition advice, but I have a healthy lifestyle. I’m happier and more confident. Thanks to Expats Personal Training and Robert Havelaar for my patients over the years!



Absolutely the best: kind and knowledgeable personal trainers; top equipment. The instructors have patience and explain the exercises very well. They are also fun to talk to. Nutrition advice is also top.


Sue Carnes

Opted for a personal training package. Together with PT, lost 30kg by training (hard) and a personal food plan. No strange supplements, weird diets, or other tricks.

Personal Training is 100% dedicated to you, is professional and provides varied, and makes sure you execute movements correctly. Have recommended Expat Personal Training to many friends already.

Have learned that is never too late to change your life! The only regret I have is not doing this earlier 😉


Robin Getty

Robert is a great personal trainer and very goal-oriented. You will set up a goal at the beginning and he will make sure that you achieve it within the time agreed. He has clear knowledge on both personal training and nutrition and I personally recommend him.


Lenka Znamenackova

Expats Personal Training, Just do it!

I have been for a while thinking about myself and my physical condition and the fact that I’m not feeling well in my body. I then LUCKILY stumbled upon Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk. I did a bit of further research about other gyms and personal trainers in Rijswijk and surroundings but still kept going back to Expats Personal Training. And then one day I filled in an online form and requested more

information. Robert called me I think the next day and I already at that point felt that I’m at the right place. It was such a positive and encouraging conversation! Very soon after I had my intake meeting with Robert where we discussed my motivation, reasons why I want to work out, and did some movements tests to see how my posture and condition were. This was a true eye-opener to me as my condition turned out not to be that great. So I started my journey with Expats Personal Training in July 2021. First with only one personal training session a week and then I added group training to my weekly program as well. What I really like about this gym is that they get personal, they really want to get to know you, to understand how to best support you, what are your needs, and what works for you. After training with my trainer Chafik now for 6 months I can see and feel the difference. The trainings are tough and I’m very sore the next day but it’s worth it! I fit my clothes better and feel so much better and more energetic. I also get advice about eating and my habits with food, which helps me a lot too. Especially that I can discuss with Chafik my struggles with food and he always has some great advice up his sleeve. I’m really glad that I have made my decision to join Expats Personal Training and looking forward to more trainings with and further support in my journey.

En jij, ben jij er klaar voor?

Ben jij benieuwd welke resultaten jij met jouw persoonlijke plan kunt behalen? Laat je gegevens achter, dan nemen we binnen 24 uur telefonisch contact met je. Zijn we een match en hebben we nog een plek voor je vrij? Dan nodigen we je graag uit voor een kennismaking en try-out training. Wij zijn er klaar voor. Jij ook?


Valentina Spuij Ricci

Life changer experience!
It is a year just now spent with Expats Personal Training and what I can say is that I couldn’t wish myself for better. I was coming from a very complicated (personal) situation and when I started searching for a more structured lifestyle support, I found Expats Personal Training almost by chance! I experienced a program based

on Personal training, Personal group training, and a customized nutritional plan suitable for me. It was not ‘just’ a matter of exercising and dieting, it really got personal! I was emotionally supported, pushed beyond my physical and mental limits and I can never thank enough all the trainers that contributed to achieving that. What is special about Expats Personal Training is the full availability and constant effort that all the trainers make to be ALWAYS there for you, you feel part of a big family. They helped me to change myself entirely, lose weight, challenge my limits, shape my body and become a stronger person. I will never thank you enough first Robert, as a super trainer and for is fighting for us during these hard times to make sure we get our trainings no matter what. Thanks to Maarten, my first PT and great supporter in my journey. Thanks to Ezgi, a strong girl and amazing trainer. And finally, Chafik, who is my current PT trainer, amazing professional trainer, with who I am sure I will achieve my new personal goal this coming year. Many other great trainers are also available, and my question is, what are YOU waiting for?


Joy Tayson

De Beste prived gym, very professional, In 10 weeks program I lost almost 5 kilos, super blij mee. group lessons top! Coaches are very professional.


Purisma Steller

Within 6 months of training at Expats Personal Training in Rijswijk, I was able to gain back my strength and condition. Although I did not lose as much weight as wanted, but I have gained allot more energy. The trainers are very professional, strict but understanding to what I needed. They tried to encouraged me to train and do more but on a safety level. The gym is very clean, newly renovated in 2021 but with enough space. However, I did most of mine training in their outdoor gym, which I enjoyed very much!


Rob van der Veldt

After years of trying to lose weight on my own, following costly diets with various results, I realized the quality of my life (and my health) was still in a pretty poor state.

After another failed and costly attempt to lose weight and become healthier, it was my brother who suggested me to join a Bootcamp group, advocating the social element of group exercising would keep me motivated.

As I set out to find a Bootcamp group in my neighborhood, I came into contact with the Personal Training company Expats Personal Training. Aware of my poor physical condition, I decided to first call the trainer for advice on joining the Bootcamp.

When I mentioned my weight, trainer Robert first invited me for an intake. We concluded that in order to avoid injuries to the joints when boot camping, Personal Training would be better suited to my needs.

And so I started back in April 2017 at Expats Personal Training with personal training and nutrition advice. Below are my personal experiences at Expats Personal Training:
Experiencing Personal Training

During the training sessions, you have to work hard. But you can do more than you think and the trainer helps you to push your boundaries.
Excellent coaching on technique, work hard, but always safe!
The trainer also keeps varying the exercises so the workouts are as effective as possible whilst ensuring a balanced development. Variety is also good to keep you motivated.


  • Work hard but smart!
  • Trainer helps you push boundaries
  • Coaching on Technique. Work hard but smart (safe)
  • Variety of exercises for balanced development, effectiveness, and motivation


What did you gain from Personal Training
My initial goal was to improve the quality of my life. Along the way of training, I started to lose weight and become fitter.

Despite losing a ton of weight, which made me look a whole lot better, these were not even the biggest and important changes.
I found that I became happier, more energetic, my self-confidence increased, I was more focused and took better decisions and
was able to better balance my work-life time.

Personal Training even improved my career as a result of the changes I made as a person, resulting in promotion and a chance to become an ambassador for my company in a foreign country.


  • More energy
  • More focused
  • More selfsteem
  • More balanced, taking better decisions
  • More happiness/joy in life when you feel fit
  • Career improvements

What are you taking home
Not only work is important, but life is also equally important.
A well-balanced person is more effective at work, so it’s a win for both.
An important part of losing weight and becoming fit is your food intake. Together with a food specialist from Expats Personal Training I have been really working on a healthy and normal eating pattern.
Portion control has been a big contributor to my success in losing weight, becoming fit, and sharpening of mind.
You can do more than you think! Pushing yourself beyond the limits of your mind, and I guarantee you will feel fantastic after the workout!



All the trainers at Expats Personal Training are super nice and take a personal interest in you no matter who you are, and what level you’re at. I’ve been going there for a few years and I am seeing a big change in my energy levels and body shape. I really like how they give me every time new tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout and besides my trainings, they helped me also with getting a healthy en still tasteful daily nutrition plan what I can sustain. Results guaranteed! If I had to describe Expats Personal Training in one word, It’s great!


Rafael Ruiz Moreno

Really happy with the personal training at Expats Personal Training.

I had a personal training package for 6 months that included nutrition and lifestyle advice. My personal trainer was Rick. He’s really good and attentive, preparing personalized training routines and guiding during the exercises. The installation is also excellent, we could do all training outside in the outdoor gym, especially with the corona measures it was great. I also had detailed body scans throughout my training period to see my progress and discuss how to continue improving it. In short, really happy with Expats Personal Training!

Wij zetten een streep onder personal. Voor iedereen.

Ben jij benieuwd welke resultaten jij met jouw persoonlijke plan kunt behalen? Laat je gegevens achter, dan nemen we binnen 24 uur telefonisch contact met je. Zijn we een match en hebben we nog een plek voor je vrij? Dan nodigen we je graag uit voor een kennismaking en try-out training. Wij zijn er klaar voor. Jij ook?


Teodora Ioanovici

When I first moved to The Netherlands I was feeling tired, sick and my back was hurting, I wanted to do something about it but there was always the excuse of not having time. When I heard about Healthcoachplus I knew that this could be the solution for me and it really is. Having appointments with a coach makes me go there. It’s not just that I lost a lot of fat and gained some muscle, it’s more than that, I feel better with myself, more confident to go to a gym and I don’t get sick anymore. I was a couch potato all my life and I discovered that weight training is great for me, that I like it much more than cardio, and the effects on shaping my body are also great. Robert is a very direct guy so don’t get scared, he just wants the best for you, he is very friendly if you’re a serious hardworking person. I recommend them for any level if you want to improve your health and your self-esteem.


Daniel Haegen

Door chronisch knieletsel ben ik acht jaar geleden van intensief
hardlopen overgestapt op de racefiets. Eén ritje per week, uitzonderlijk
twee —drukke job bij het EPO en bijhorende reis verplichtingen, weet je wel. 72 kg werd al snel 78 daarna 82 en tenslotte 87 kg. Tja, en dan ga je op een goeie
dag in 2018 de Amstel Gold voor amateurs rijden … .

Tien kilogram afvallen & fitter & sterker. Met deze drie wensen kwam ik
dus in juni 2018 bij Expat Personal Training binnen.

Tijdens het kennismakingsgesprek werd al snel duidelijk dat afvallen,
door duursporten alleen, zo goed als onmogelijk zou zijn. Een goed en
evenwichtig voedingsprogramma was nodig om mijn wens om te
vermageren om te zetten in een doelstelling. En om fitter en sterker te
worden, was er een goede kracht- en core-stability-training nodig. Ook
daar zou dus een doelstelling moeten worden opgezet.

Expats Personal Training zorgde voor beide. Robert stelde een
gepersonaliseerd voedingsschema op, Sabine en later Maarten werden mijn Personal
Coaches en the rest is history. Bijna tien kilogram eraf in acht maanden en
een begeleiding van Sabine die voor mij werkt als een tierelier:
oefeningen op maat, gevarieerd, motiverend, met de nodige reminders
inzake het voedingsschema, met aandacht voor lichaam en geest, een
no-nonsense aanpak. Bovendien kan ik nog steeds bij nu inmiddels Maarten steeds terecht voor
vragen over voeding en oefeningen. Dankjewel, Maarten!

Na iets meer dan een jaar trainen met Sabine en Maarten van Expat Personal Training blijft
mijn gewicht op peil en valt het niet uit te drukken hoeveel sterker, fitter
en gezonder ik me voel. De verandering is zichtbaar en immens, ook in
mijn dagelijkse leven. Een weekje zonder Personal Training kan ik me
intussen bijna niet meer voorstellen. Ik ga dit nog een hele tijd doen. De
stap naar Expat Personal Training is dus meer dan de moeite waard geweest!

Expat Personal Training en het gepersonaliseerde voedingsschema
Opgesteld met kennis van zaken. Duidelijk en overzichtelijk. Met
bijhorende Lijfstijl voedingsapp. Afgesteld op mijn doelstellingen. Rekening
houdend met mijn behoeftes en wensen, en met wat ik graag eet. Het
begin was moeilijk maar als ik ergens moeite mee heb, kan ik steeds bij
Expat Personal Training trainer terecht voor tips en advies, ook naast mijn trainingen
kan ik ze via WhatsApp of Social Media altijd contacten. Top custom service!

Expat Personal Training en hun Personal Training/Coaching
Ervaren en enthousiaste trainers die gemotiveerd zijn en weten te
motiveren. Ongelofelijke expertise inzake kracht- en fitness-training.
Ruime personal gym met binnen en buiten mogelijkheden om te trainen.
Er zijn héél veel toestellen en trainingsmogelijkheden.
Ze maken voor je een persoonlijk programma dat rekening houdt met mijn doelstellingen,
wensen en beperkingen (letsel, …). Vanaf de start is er een duidelijk plan van aanpak zodat elke
work-out efficiënt is en ik in een minimum van tijd een maximaal
resultaat heb gehaald. Er wordt altijd getraind onder begeleiding van
een personal trainer. Dit is dus geen gym waar je zomaar even kan komen
aanlopen om een voorgekauwd standaardprogrammaatje af te werken.
Dit is geen doorsnee-gym. Absoluut een aanrader voor iedereen die in mum van tijd zijn doelen wil behalen!


Dawn Wilding

I knew that I wanted AND needed to lose weight and improve my overall fitness as I was rapidly turning into a “couch potato” and finding every excuse under the sun not to go to the gym … “I was too busy … I was too tired … I didn’t know what to do when I got there”. Then, I finally managed to summon up enough energy to contact Expats Personal training for an intake meeting. I met with Robert and explained to him what I wanted from a personal trainer and then we talked about my goals and my motivations and it all just seemed to click into place!

That was 4 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. The goals that I had then have been surpassed and new goals have been set and achieved several times! Robert is very understanding and reassuring, and knows how to push me in the right way to motivate ME … not him or his next client… just me, not only with the training but also with managing my nutrition.

Now, I see Robert approximately twice a week for an hour, travel schedules permitting, to work on general toning and fitness. The sessions are fun, varied and full of ideas for work-outs I can (or at least should!?) practice in my own time too.
Now I have more energy, smaller clothes and I feel stronger and healthier than I have done for a very long time!



It started as a typical New Year’s resolution – I wanted to lose weight. After giving it a bit more thought I concluded that I need a lifestyle change so I can achieve sustainable results. I decided to contact Expats Personal Training because of their positive reviews (and convenient location 🙂 ). Indeed, Robert turned out to be very customer-oriented and agreed to train with me during “unsocial hours” (7:00-8:00).

I signed up for personal trainings and the nutrition advice, and did not need to wait long for results – I saw my weight dropping steadily. I became stronger and fitter, started enjoying physical activity and gained satisfaction from improving my results. I learned how to eat healthier and still enjoy my favourite food. Along the way I got a lot of advice and encouragement from my trainer.

7 months after starting my trainings I am almost 20kg lighter and 3 sizes smaller. My cholesterol level dropped 10%. I am much healthier and more active in daily life, and I am still making progress.

Do I have any complaints? Yes, just one: my old clothes do not fit anymore!

wat is jouw verhaal?

We zijn benieuwd naar jouw persoonlijke verhaal en hoe je het leven als expat in Nederland ervaart. Ben jij klaar om je doelen te bereiken op een manier die bij jou als persoon en jouw leven past? Laat hieronder je gegevens achter. Zijn we een match en hebben we nog een plek voor je vrij? Dan nodigen we je graag uit voor een kennismaking en try-out training. Wij zijn er klaar voor. Jij ook?