Personal training

Get results in a way that fits your busy life: effective ánd efficient.

How much energy do you still have left at the end of your day?

Entrepreneurship, managing or presenting at the level you do is top sport. Top sport in a way that isn’t always good for your health. A 40 hour work week? If only it were so! You are constantly busy, have little energy left for other things and don’t feel 100% fit. Do you recognize the following?

You know you have to take care of yourself to get the most out of everything. Business-wise ánd private. It just never lasts long with your busy life.

Get results like clockwork

Are you looking for a motivator to finally reach your desired goals? Create a way to combine your busy business life with a healthy lifestyle ánd time for your social life. How nice would it be if you would work on that like clockwork: effective and efficient.


Whether you’re done with your paunch or extra kilos, look forward to a better shaped body or can’t wait for more daily energy: Expats Personal Training is known for achieving those set goals. Your goals. That’s our mission.

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Daniel 1

Daniel Haegen

“Eight years ago, due to a chronic knee injury, I stopped working intensively
running switched to the racing bike. One ride a week, exceptional
two —a busy job at the EPO and accompanying travel obligations, you know. 72 kg soon became 78 then 82 and finally 87 kg. Well then you go on a good one
day in 2018 the Amstel Gold for amateurs… .

Lose ten kilograms & become fitter & stronger. With these three wishes I came
so in June 2018 at Expat Personal Training.

During the introductory meeting it soon became clear that losing weight,
by endurance sports alone, would be virtually impossible. A good and
balanced nutrition program was necessary to fulfill my desire to
turning weight loss into a goal. And to get fitter and stronger
become, a good strength and core stability training was needed. Also
an objective should therefore be set up there.

Expats Personal Training took care of both. Robert suggested a
personalized nutrition plan, Sabine and later Maarten became my Personal
Coaches and the rest is history. Almost ten kilograms in eight months and
an accompaniment from Sabine who works for me like a charm:
customized exercises, varied, motivating, with the necessary reminders
regarding the nutritional schedule, with attention to body and mind, a
no nonsense approach. In addition, I can still go to Maarten now for
questions about diet and exercise. Thank you, Maarten!

After a little over a year of training with Sabine and Maarten from Expat Personal Training
my weight is up to standard and it is impossible to express how much stronger, fitter
and healthier I feel. The change is visible and immense, also in
my daily life. I can do a week without Personal Training
meanwhile, almost unimaginable. I’m going to be doing this for a long time. The
step to Expat Personal Training has therefore been more than worth it!

Expat Personal Training and the personalized nutrition plan
Prepared with expertise. Clear and organized. Of
accompanying Body style nutrition app. Tailored to my goals. account
taking into account my needs and wishes, and what I like to eat. It
It was hard at the start but if I have trouble with something, I can always reach
Expat Personal Training trainer for tips and advice, also next to my training sessions
I can always contact them via WhatsApp or Social Media. Top custom service!

Expat Personal Training and their Personal Training/Coaching
Experienced and enthusiastic trainers who are motivated and know how to
motivate. Incredible expertise in strength and fitness training.
Spacious personal gym with indoor and outdoor opportunities to train.
There are many devices and training options.
They will create a personal program for you that takes into account my objectives,
wishes and limitations (injury, …). From the start there is a clear plan of action so that every
workout is efficient and I can achieve a maximum in a minimum of time
got the result. Training is always under the guidance of
a personal trainer. This is not a gym where you can just come
to run to finish a pre-chewed standard program.
This is not your average gym. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to achieve their goals in no time!”


‘We understand that you travel a lot and don’t wanna let go of the dinners and drinks. That’s also perfectly possible in a viable lifestyle plan.’

– Maarten Boek, Personal trainer

A personal and realistic counseling plan: training, nutrition and lifestyle

Your personal trainer is your personal motivator, so you know that you go ánd reach your goals. Together we work towards a personal and realistic lifestyle plan. Always in consultation, so that you can continue enjoying life.

Work 1-on-1 on your new lifestyle. Our personal trainers are all certificated, experienced and speak among others English fluently. This way we always have a trainer for you. 

We take health issues and other challenges very seriously. Meet a trainer with the correct and most up-to-date knowledge about the right medical guidance.

We possess a recognized BGN (Professional Association of Weight Consultants) diploma and provide nutritional, lifestyle and exercise advice.

Vitality is much more than being physically well. We are here for stress and burnout related complaints. Let’s find your happiness!

Many clients combine personal training with our select group training. An affordable combination, just as effective and efficient and surrounded by like-minded expats.

Have you ever thought of a team training with your company? Discover the possibilities of company bootcamps, boxing and more. Boost your team and on to more success!

By training twice a week (from €76,50 a week) you will reach your set goals! Curious about your personal plan? Apply for a try out via the button below and we will contact you by phone within 24 hours. Are we a match and do we still have any places free? Then we would like to invite you for an acquaintance and try out training.


Dawn Wilding

“I knew that I wanted AND needed to lose weight and improve my overall fitness as I was rapidly turning into a “couch potato” and finding every excuse under the sun not to go to the gym … “I was too busy … I was too tired … I didn’t know what to do when I got there”. Then, I finally managed to summon up enough energy to contact Expats Personal training for an intake meeting. I met with Robert and explained to him what I wanted from a personal trainer and then we talked about my goals and my motivations and it all just seemed to click into place!”

That was 4 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. The goals that I had then have been surpassed and new goals have been set and achieved several times! Robert is very understanding and reassuring, and knows how to push me in the right way to motivate ME … not him or his next client… just me, not only with the training but also with managing my nutrition.

Now, I see Robert approximately twice a week for an hour, travel schedules permitting, to work on general toning and fitness. The sessions are fun, varied and full of ideas for work-outs I can (or at least should!?) practice in my own time too.
Now I have more energy, smaller clothes and I feel stronger and healthier than I have done for a very long time!”

About Expats Personal Training

Reaching goals, that’s what we do. But who are we? We are a small-scale personal gym in the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk (opposite the European Patent Office). All of our trainings are supervised by experienced and highly educated personal trainers. These trainers all speak English fluently and some of them even speak other languages. With our guidance and help we make sure that you still have energy left for more than just work. With ultimate personal service, honesty and openness as a basis, everyone is ánd feels welcome, safe, at home and comfortable. We underline ‘personal’. For everyone.